Vroom in the Night Sky – Switch

Vroom In The Night Sky – Switch
Vroom In The Night Sky – Switch

The Nintendo Switch game library is off to a very highly-praised start – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been making almost every man/woman/cat alive positively burst with glee and we’ve been loving games such as Snipperclips and Fast RMX here at Nintendo Life HQ. But unfortunately amongst the gems there have to be some pebbles – the kind of pebbles that fail to skim beautifully across the surface of the water, but rather the kind that sink right to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again.
Vroom in the night sky – we’re not sure why capitalisation is ignored in the game title – is a pebble (we really hope you didn’t skip that first paragraph or this will make no sense at all). From the moment you turn it on things seem pretty bad; the awful translation from Japanese to English (which is a consistent issue throughout the game) greets you with “Are you the first time to play this game?”. With Vroom in the night sky being developed by a small independent team in Japan who were likely on a very small budget, we were willing to forgive this in part, but the issues continued.

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