Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Release Date and New Features

Ubuntu 19.04 “disco Dingo” Release Date And New Features
Ubuntu 19.04 “disco Dingo” Release Date And New Features
Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 19.04 will be codenamed Disco Dingo. Canonical is yet to make the official announcement, but the new codename is already unveiled via Launchpad.

Ubuntu 19.04 Release Date and Schedule

Ubuntu 19.04 is expected to release on March 28, 2019. It will follow the typical 6-month development cycle and will be the only official build of the version offered for public testing. Canonical has stopped releasing alpha build release since Ubuntu 18.04 release.

Disco Dingo will be a successor to the Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish, which is a short-term release version, meaning the build will be supported by Canonical with software and security updates for only nine months, until July 2020.

As per Launchpad entry, Disco will be derived from the Debian Buster/Testing package-set. As of now, no details of new features are available, but the latest desktop environment “GNOME 3.32” will definitely get included.

This post will be constantly updated as and when new features of the disco become available.