Friday Smart Lock review: After changing hands, Friday is relaunched with one key upgrade

In 2017, I reviewed a new smart lock called Friday, a design-forward product with great ambition but a couple of particularly unfortunate shortcomings; namely, a rocky Wi-Fi implementation and no ability to restrict access by user. The original product was crowdfunded and was ultimately launched by a company called Friday Labs.

House of Marley Positive Vibration XL headphone review: Eco-friendly, good features, good sound

I’m a huge fan of the way the House of Marley does business, minimizing its environmental impact by using recycled/recyclable and sustainable materials to build its products. The Positive Vibration XL over-ear headphones are a prime example: leveraging reclaimed aluminum, steel, and plastic to deliver good sound with hardware that won’t add to a landfill at the end of its useful life. You can read more about the materials used at House of Marley’s website.

7 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins for Designers & Photographers

Are you a designer or photographer looking for the easiest way to build a portfolio website in WordPress?

How to Create a Dropbox Upload Form in WordPress

Do you want to create a Dropbox upload form in WordPress?

Cosmo and Google create a mobile Watch Party for the new season of ‘You’

The second season of the Penn Badgley romantic murder drama “You” launches on Netflix today — and along with it, a new project called Cosmopolitan Watch Party.

Pyka and its autonomous, electric crop-spraying drone land $11M seed round

Modern agriculture involves fields of mind-boggling size, and spraying them efficiently is a serious operational challenge. Pyka is taking on the largely human-powered spray business with an autonomous winged craft and, crucially, regulatory approval.

How to Track WordPress Category and Tag Analytics (Easy Way)

Do you wish to track the WordPress category and tag analytics? By default, most website analytics solutions tell you about your most popular posts and pages, but very few show any information about your archive pages like categories and tags.

How to install htop on CentOS 8/RHEL 8

Htop is very interactive, gives you additional information about running processes, and allows for manipulations such as sorting the list of processes using various criteria and search for a process/kill processes. While top command takes few seconds delay to collect data where htop is much faster. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and use htop on CentOS 8/RHEL 8 Linux.

Rivian adds $1.3 billion in funding for its electric utility and adventure vehicles

American automotive technology startup Rivian has raised $1.3 billion in new funding, the company announced today. The new investment is the fourth round of capital announced by the company in 2019 alone, following prior announcements of $700 million led by Amazon, $500 million from Ford (which includes a collaboration on electric vehicle technology) and $350 million from Cox Automotive.

Max Q: Launches from SpaceX, Boeing and the ESA

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