Lg Phones Arrive Digital Chocolate Filled

LG Phones Arrive Digital Chocolate Filled

Buy an LG Mobile Phone and it could be chocolate filled, or at least filled with content from Digital Chocolate. The mobile video game developer has signed a deal with LG Mobile Phone to make games available, and pre-loaded on mobile handsets.
Over A Billion Mobile Phones Sold In 2007

Over a Billion Mobile Phones Sold in 2007

In 2007, over one billion mobile phones were sold worldwide for the first time. With growth expected to grow in Asia and other developing markets, 2008 may surpass last year’s numbers. Industry watchers are asking if Nokia can expand in North America and if Motorola can stop its loss of market share.
South Korea’s Lg Electronics Has Record 1st Quarter Sales

South Korea’s LG Electronics has Record 1st Quarter Sales

The world’s fifth largest mobile phone manufacturer had a record first-quarter this year. LG Electronics sold 24.4 million mobile phones in the quarter ending in March of 2008. The sales helped the company earn a profit of 422 billion won ($427 million). In last year’s first-quarter, LG Electronics lost 123 billion won.
Android And Lg’s Gw620 “eve” A Match Made In Heaven

Android and LG’s GW620 “Eve” a match made in heaven

Apparently, the guys over at NieuweMobiel like to get their kicks by poking around in random XML files on LG’s website. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting pastime in the world (mostly because it isn’t), but it looks like our Dutch phone junkie comrades have struck the proverbial gold: they’ve managed to unearth a listing for the LG GW620 (A.K.A the Eve), one of the company’s first Android-powered handsets.
Lg Shipped A Record 16.8 Million Smartphones In Q3 2014, Up 39% Year-on-year

LG Shipped A Record 16.8 Million Smartphones In Q3 2014, Up 39% Year-On-Year

Samsung is under-pressure as a long-period of growth continues to flatten out, but things couldn’t be going much better for fellow Korean phone-maker LG, which just announced that it shipped a best-ever 16.8 million smartphones in Q3 2014.
This Weatherproof, Long-lasting Bluetooth Speaker Is Cheaper Than Ever

This weatherproof, long-lasting Bluetooth speaker is cheaper than ever

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great way to wirelessly listen to your tunes wherever you go. If you’re looking to unplug and turn it up, you’re in luck. Today you can get the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra for $30 on Amazon, down from an average of $40 and the lowest we’ve seen it.
How To Connect Your Android Phone Or Tablet To Your Hdtv

How to connect your Android phone or tablet to your HDTV

No matter how big your Android smartphone or tablet display, there are times when you’ll want to view your photos and videos on something even bigger. Good news: There are several ways to share your media on your TV, even if it’s not the latest model. All you’ll need are some inexpensive apps or adapters and to get started.
5 Reasons To Switch From Spotify Premium To Its New Free Tier (and 5 Reasons Not To)

5 reasons to switch from Spotify Premium to its new free tier (and 5...

Spotify announced a major upgrade to its mobile app at an event at the Gramercy Theater in New York City today. The service will no longer treat its free users as second-class citizens. Now, whether you're one of Spotify's 90 million free users or opt to pay $10 a month to unlock the full experience, your music will take center stage, with curated playlists, on-demand listening, and smarter playlist creation. It's so good, in fact, some users might want to consider downgrading to the free tier from the premium one. Here are five reasons why you might want to switch (and five reasons why you shouldn't):
Wi-fi Gets Quicker With 802.11ax, But Buying Early Might Offer Few Advantages

Wi-Fi gets quicker with 802.11ax, but buying early might offer few advantages

Wi-Fi networking is poised for a major update: The transition from 802.11ac to 802.11ax promises a modern networking hub that can cope with the burgeoning number and diversity of wireless devices that need access to your broadband connection.
Youtube Tv’s Incredible Shrinking Dvr

YouTube TV’s incredible shrinking DVR

YouTube TV has one of the most generous DVRs of all the streaming TV bundles, storing unlimited programs for up to nine months at no extra charge beyond the $40-per-month bundle price. But it also comes with a unique trade-off: If the recorded program becomes available through video on demand, users are required to watch the on-demand version, unskippable commercial breaks and all.