Microsoft Will Launch A Surface Pro With Built-in Lte Advanced In December

Microsoft will launch a Surface Pro with built-in LTE Advanced in December

Microsoft today announced that in December it will launch a Surface Pro with built-in LTE Advanced support to its business customers. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Windows devices, made the announcement at the company’s Future Decoded event in London.
Review: The Iphone X Goes To Disneyland

Review: The iPhone X Goes To Disneyland

Four phones and three years ago, I took the first iPhones to “go big” to the “happiest place on earth” for a road test. It was a watershed year for iPhones, and I started thinking about how best to push them through my brain and out the other side in some way beneficial to the reader.

12 neat hidden features in the iPhone X

With the iPhone X, Apple has had to rethink many of the iOS core gestures. The new device features a brand new design with a taller display, Face ID and no home button.
Latch Touts First Deliveries Via Ny Smart Access Tie-up

Latch touts first deliveries via NY smart access tie-up

In July b2b smart access startup Latch announced a partnership with ecommerce platform to install 1,000 of its smart locks on residential apartment buildings in New York. It’s now announced the first “secure, unattended deliveries” enabled by the installations.
Alas, Astropad’s ‘camera Button’ Was Too Cool For Apple

Alas, Astropad’s ‘Camera Button’ was too cool for Apple

Astropad’s forthcoming Luna display adapter and software turns your iPad into a wireless, essentially lag-free monitor for your Mac – and the company wanted to make it even cooler by including a clever hack that turned the iPad’s mostly useless front-facing camera into a software button. But, unsurprisingly, Apple has nixed the feature by rejecting the update which included the functionality from the App Store.
Apple Releases Ios 11.1 With Shiny New Emojis

Apple releases iOS 11.1 with shiny new emojis

New emojis. Do you need to hear anything else? Apple just released an iOS update. iOS 11.1 is the first feature update for iOS 11. It adds a couple of new things, starting with dozens of new emojis.
Microsoft Expands Hololens Headsets To 29 New Markets, Now Up To 39

Microsoft expands HoloLens headsets to 29 new markets, now up to 39

Nearly three years on from Microsoft unveiling its HoloLens augmented reality headsets, the company today announced a major expansion of its availability: 29 more markets in Europe, nearly tripling the total number of countries where you can buy the device up to 39.
Sony Reboots Aibo With Ai And Extra Kawaii

Sony reboots Aibo with AI and extra kawaii

The rumors had it right: Sony is rebooting its robot dog, Aibo, announcing a new four-legged companion AI-powered bot incoming with the same brand name but more rounded corners and visible facial features for extra kawaii, including a pair of expressive, puppy-dog eyes.
Essential Phone Is The Best Deal In Smartphones Thanks To Camera Updates

Essential Phone is the best deal in smartphones thanks to camera updates

The Essential Phone has come a long way since launch in one key area: Photography. When it first hit the market a few months ago, the camera had a nasty tendency to crash and was a bit slow to load and process photos. But Essential has stayed true to its promise of delivering frequent and effective Camera app updates, and the result is a smartphone total package that is easily the best value today at its reduced price of $499 – and it’s a good contender for best Android smartphone period, now, too, even with the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on the market.
Google’s Pixelbook Is My New Favorite Travel Buddy

Google’s Pixelbook is my new favorite travel buddy

The Google Pixelbook is a bit of an odd duck among notebooks, or among tablets – or even among notebook/tablet hybrids. It’s a Chromebook, which by now is an established category, though one with very specific appeal; and it runs Android apps, which makes it feel very much like an iPad competitor. It’s a great device in terms of hardware build and general performance, but it’s obviously not going to work for everyone. It is, however, perfect for one use case, and maybe more so than any other gadget that preceded it: Travel.