The iPhone’s camera used to be a selling point

There are many good reasons to own an iPhone: your social life might revolve around iMessage, you might value Apple’s emphasis on privacy, or perhaps you appreciate the quality of Apple’s displays and software experience. But the one thing that once exemplified Apple’s lead over the Android chasing pack, the iPhone’s camera, is no longer top of the list of reasons to want an iPhone. The iPhone camera has fallen behind, and it’s now something users tend to accept rather than anticipate.

These stunning drone photos really put humanity in its place

It may be a cliché, but drone photography really does offer a new perspective on the world.

Canon is cashing in on the instant-print trend with its new CLIQ cameras

Canon announced a new pair of instant-print cameras that are set to challenge Fujifilm’s Instax mini-film cameras, part of a trend embraced by social media users and influencers alike.

Here’s everything that the Huawei P30 Pro’s four-camera array can do

Huawei just announced its latest flagship, the P30 Pro, and more than ever, the company is emphasizing the camera as the major standout feature. Fortunately, it’s also brought a...

Ricoh’s GR III street photography compact goes on sale next month for $899

After showing it off at last year’s Photokina, Ricoh has announced release details for its long-awaited GR III compact camera. As with the previous two models, it pairs an 18.3mm (28mm-equivalent) f/2.8 lens to an APS-C sensor with the goal of enabling high-quality, discreet street photography. This time around, though, the resolution has been upped to 24 megapixels, the controls have been rethought, and the body has been slimmed down further partly through the removal of the built-in flash.

Huawei caught faking photos again, this time for the upcoming P30 Pro

Huawei recently published some image samples as part of a teaser campaign for the upcoming P30 Pro’s camera with periscope zoom lens — but it turns out they were shot on a DSLR, as spotted by GSMArena. This isn’t the first time that Huawei has faked its phone camera results — the last time it happened was in August 2018 for a Huawei Nova 3 commercial.

DJI’s $39 mic adapter for the Osmo Pocket is here to save your vlog’s...

DJI has finally released a 3.5mm microphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket, its handheld vlogging camera that was released back in December, reports Drone DJI. The $39 adapter plugs into the camera’s USB Type-C port, and it will reportedly work with microphones from Rode, Audio-Technica, and Sennheiser.

Flickr says Creative Commons photos won’t be subject to its 1,000 picture limit

Back when Flickr first announced that it would be limiting free accounts to just 1,000 pictures, the company announced an exception: while it would be deleting any pictures on accounts over that number, any Creative Commons licensed photos uploaded before the November 1st, 2018 deadline would be allowed to stay. And today, the company announced that it would be making the policy permanent — all Creative Commons photos will be allowed on Flickr for good, regardless of upload date, even on accounts that otherwise would have surpassed the 1,000 picture limit.

Leica’s new Q2 has a 47-megapixel sensor

Leica’s compact-yet-powerful Q was one of the most interesting cameras released in the past few years. A true photographer’s camera, the Q combined a large full-frame sensor with a fast, sharp lens in a camera small enough to be carried almost everywhere. Nearly four years later, Leica is back with the Q2, which retains the compact design and overall appearance of the original, but with some significant performance improvements.

Sony’s new CFexpress memory cards offer more than double the speeds of its current...

Sony has announced the new CFexpress Type B spec and its newest CompactFlash memory card that’s supposed to be faster than anything else on the market. The new card’s read and write speeds are 1,700 MB/s and 1,480 MB/s, respectively. That stomps out Sony’s previous fastest card, which topped out at 630MB/s.