Immigrant founders, smartphone growth, SEO tactics, SoftBank’s financials, and AR tech

Our European correspondent Natasha Lomas spent the past few weeks investigating what’s been happening to immigrant founders and tech talent in the UK, who have been receiving more scrutiny from the Home Office in recent months. Natasha zooms in on Metail, a virtual fitting room startup, and its tribulations with the immigration authorities and the damage those action are having on the broader ecosystem:

Google’s prototype AI translator translates your tone as well as your words

We all know that communication depends on more than just what you say. How you say it is often just as important. That’s why Google’s latest prototype AI translator doesn’t just translate the words coming out of your mouth, but also the tone and cadence of your voice.

Wing will start making drone deliveries in Finland next month

Wing, the Alphabet-owned drone startup, will launch a delivery service in Finland’s capital Helsinki next month. The trial will make deliveries to residents in the city’s Vuosaari district, which Wing notes is the capital’s most populous area. The service will offer products from two shops: the gourmet supermarket Herkku Food Market and local restaurant Cafe Monami.

Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with...

Google has been quietly keeping track of nearly every single online purchase you’ve ever made, thanks to purchase receipts sent to your personal Gmail account, according to a new report today from CNBC. Even stranger: this information is made available to you via a private web tool that’s been active for an indeterminate amount of time. You can go view it here.

Surface Headphones are $100 off at the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is discounting its Surface Headphones by $100. The deal is available over at the company’s online store, and it looks like a temporary price cut to $249.99 down from the regular $349.99 price.

Record-breaking Mariana Trench dive | What the Future We take a look at what American explorer Victor Vescovo found when he became the first person to reach the deepest part of the ocean in a new submersible called the...

Your favorite TV shows are going away Disney's in charge of Hulu now, but that's not the end of the story -- it's the start of a massive shift in streaming platforms. Studios are going to start trying...

Rage 2 Starter’s Guide: Ark Locations, Abilities To Upgrade, And More Before you start tearing into Rage 2's wasteland on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, check out these key tips to get you raging.

Apple & Google celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with featured apps, new shortcuts

With last fall’s release of iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts — a new app that allows iPhone users to create their own voice commands to take actions on their phone and in apps. Today, Apple is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) by rolling out a practical, accessibility focused collection of new Siri Shortcuts, alongside accessibility focused App Store features and collections.

How startups can use Amazon’s SEO best practices to dominate new shopping verticals

Amazon dominates the top ranking positions of Google for tens of thousands of ecommerce queries, but there are plenty of products in newer shopping categories where Amazon has not yet achieved SEO supremacy. Retailers in nascent verticals have an opportunity to follow Amazon’s SEO playbook and become the default ranking ecommerce website.